UI/UX Design – Best User Experience

As Steve Jobs once said:

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Everybody recognizes Apple products because of their sleek and unique appearance. Although the designs of Apple products are immediately identifiable and effortlessly functional, it was the user experience and usability of the products that differentiated Apple from its competitors.

UI is about visual design and information design around screens, the things the user will actually interact with and see. UX is the overall experience a user has with the product. UX design improves the experience of the user of that product. Good user experience increases the adoption of that product.

Why choose vDoIT for UI/UX Design?

vDoIT designs a brilliant user interface through color, font, icons, themes, but along with that We use UX design that helps our users do what they need to do. This generates happy customers and increased sales. VDoIT, experienced in working in vast business domains can achieve this through:

  • Creative design team with high end tools for UI Designing
  • Responsive Web Designs – suitable for all devices
  • Information Architecture – structure, label and organize the content of the web application
  • Wire framing – diagram of application focused on allocation of space, distribution of images and content, functionality and behavior of app.
  • Prototyping – Since we follow Agile methodology, we develop prototype with basic functionality and based on client’s feedback develop and improve upon original idea.
  • Quality Assurance – Extensive testing improves productivity,  and user satisfaction