Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

VDoIT believes that Search engine marketing is all about getting in front of customers at the very moment they are searching for your products on Google and the other engines. But how do you take full advantage of search engine marketing and outshine your competition? VDoIT suggests following steps to put you on the right path to search engine marketing success.



Mostly companies dive into SEM without proper strategy and plan. Get off on the right foot by thoroughly defining your target audience(s), identifying their needs and motivations and highlighting how your products can serve these needs. Next, review your company’s position in the marketplace. Identify your top competitors and your company’s competitive advantage. Finally, identify specific goals and benchmarks, such as search rankings, Website traffic increases, sales lead volume and other ROI metrics, to allow you to measure the success of your search engine marketing campaign. This strategy will form the foundation of your campaign and put you on the path to search engine marketing success.



The most important step in search engine marketing is to strategically select the most important keyword phrases for your company. If you do not perform this step properly, your search engine marketing campaign is destined for failure. This step needs a lot of team work to get all most relevant, less relevant keywords, phrases to target a big volume of targeted customers. Then, turn to keyword research tools provided by Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery and Google Adwords to create a list of highly searched terms that will drive targeted traffic to your Website



Now that we know your most important keywords, let’s put them to work. You need to make sure your Website content is optimized to take advantage of these important phrases. Next, focus on your Website structure – the code under the hood of your Website that search engines see when they visit your Website.



To be found online, VDoIT makes certain that all pages on your Website are fully indexed by the top three search engines: Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live Search. We recommend to start by focusing on Google since it handles over 55% of all searches, and it makes the process easy for site owners. While all search engines allow you to submit your Website directly for consideration, Google also provides you with a backdoor to get your site indexed quicker.



Link building involves gaining links to your Website from other Websites that are frequented by your targeted visitors. The more quality inbound links you have, the more popular your Website is in the eyes of Google and other engines. And, these links can have a dramatic effect on your search ranking. A good place to start your link building efforts is to make your Website content link-worthy.



VDoIT encourages for Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) in the sponsored links search results offers a compelling ROI-driven marketing opportunity. Unlike traditional advertising, where you ‘pay for exposure’ regardless of the results, with PPC you are not paying to be listed in the search results. You only pay if someone clicks on your ad and visits your Website, providing a compelling ‘pay for performance’ mode of advertising. Finally, include a compelling ‘call to action’ in the ad and send traffic to a relevant landing page tied to the ad. A compelling and relevant offer will help lift response and boost your ROI.



As with all marketing activities, VDoIT measures success to see how well we performed in the past, as well as identify actionable strategies to improve results in the future. Since search engine marketing is all about attracting targeted traffic, begin by leveraging Web analytics to monitor traffic increases from search, as well as what search engines and phrases peoples are using to visit your Website. We monitor your position or ranking in the search results. On a regular basis, VDoIT checks the position in the top three search engines for your most important keyword phrases to see how well you are trending upward toward a top 10 ranking.