vDoIT has been researching and investing in this Game changer technology and has been successful in delivering the solutions in Talent Management, Trade Finance and Identity Management. vDoIT is actively participating in the Blockchain community and technological forums. Hyperledger Composer, Fabric, Smart Contracts, Microservices are few areas where we could build up our strength successfully.

Blockchain Technology Is the Sound of the Future

With exponential increase in Data Sizes, lot of security threats are also increasing worldwide introducing various type of threats globally. Blockchain promises a secured mechanism to apply in many domains and vDoIT is consistently working in providing right Blockchain solutions to handle such threats.

vDoIT has delivered multiple Projects in Blockchain technology and has proven and recognized competency in Hyperledger Fabric Composer stack of Blockchain.

BlockChain technology is an evolutionary solution for data security. A blockchain is an immutable transaction ledger, maintained within a distributed network of peer nodes. These nodes each maintain a copy of the ledger by applying transactions that have been validated by a consensus protocol, grouped into blocks that include a hash that bind each block to the preceding block.

BlockChain technology keeps record of each and every transaction, every node has unique identification as well access tokens in network which makes it data tamper proof as well hack proof.Blockchain facilitates an immutable history of transactional records, so no one can ever doubt the authenticity; records are permanently linked to the system so no one can ever tamper with or forge a record of their own; and these records can be seen by any party, at any time. It is powerful and validating

Application Areas

  • Talent Management – Profile Validations and verification’s, Incentivization, Academics, Background verification’s, Career and Verification Scores.
  • Trade Finance – International and National Trading of Goods and Services, Payments, Taxation’s and other Financial Transitions.
  • Banking and Finance –
  • Land Records – One of the most painful area in Developing countries where land ownership’s, scams are common and a system driven approach is required to handle the process.
  • E-Governance – Democratic bodies at all levels can be automated through a blockchain based system and infrastructure where records are saved and decisions are taken with almost zero manual intervention.
  • E/M-Commerce – Incentives, Rewards and Gamification

Key Parameters for architecture

  • Public VS Private VS Hybrid
  • Type and Number of Organizations involved – Identity, Access and Permissions
  • Users/User Groups
  • Peers (Organizations or Users)
  • Channels
  • Smart Contract

System Integration Areas

  • Big Data/Data Sciences
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things (Industrial and Residential)
  • ERP/CRM Integration – SFDC, Zoho
  • Business Intelligence – Tableau, Power BI

Critical Technologies

  • Hyperledger Composer
  • Fabric
  • Couch DB
  • Rest API’s
  • Swagger
  • Linux – Dedicated Clusters

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