The Details

Envirobrace is the first of its kind market place in India which helps in the facilitation of delivering the sustainable engineering solution to various problems those contributes to the rise in pollution level in India & world. We at envirobrace believes that energy crisis in India can be mitigated substantially by adopting measures at the grass root level to keep a check on the consumption pattern and increasing pollution levels.

The major part of the energy consumption is done by the buildings, thus optimizing and improving buildings will actually affect the energy charts. There is a need of adopting revolutionary measures to spread awareness of renewable sources of energy so that heavy dependence on coal can be reduced.

Apart from this the small scale industries does cause a lot of pollution that can be checked by regular optimization of the plant and machinery, which will in turn help in the increasing production also. The air and water pollution levels in India are increasing day by day which is a matter of deep concern.

We have to decide what kind of India we want to pass on to our coming generation an India healthy and prosperous living conditions or a inhabitable piece of land. We must take steps to make India a more habitable and healthier place to live for our future generation and for that we should start working and realizing the situation in our future. We at envirobrace believes that a collective effort is required to take on the effective mitigation measures. As human being belong to nature and nature belong to humans and hence the only way to preserve nature is by respecting it.

About The Project