A smart enterprise solution for ever green Hospitality Industry where there is a vast range of restaurants attracting Guest with high spending potentials.

Emenu Personalization

Time to show off innovations being adapted by your Restaurant, stamp your name on this awesome menu by adding logo and brand messages. You can anytime change your way of showing your brand and tag line as per season, festivals and local culture.

Table Management

Spicyfi shows the complete online table layout of the restaurant. Guests waiting outside the restaurants can be better managed with live table reservations.

Smart Pricing

Market Conditions, Demands of Specific Item and Social Ratings change every day, which encourage Management to be flexible on Item Prices and other marketing logistics

POS Integration

Our menu solution can be well integrated with  standard POS for Billing completion and subsequent steps,

Multi Language

Let each Guest feel touched by your special care of speaking their language through menu. We can customize solution in any set of languages you want. We can customize the solution as per regions, country and continents.


Online Vocational Trainings

GuruSkool is the only vocational education content application bought to you by Talento Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Through the app you can gain access to cutting edge industry approved vocational courses in various industries. GuruSkool facilitates learning in self paced manner and empower students and professionals with knowledge to gain access to employment and competitiveness in a growing dynamic global business market.


Discounted Healthcare

HealthFortuna- an application that for patients and service providers to get discounted Health Care Services. Register/login yourself by simply scanning QR code of the health card and get access to the network of thousands of doctors, Labs, hospitals and other services. The app enables you to book appointments, make payments, do chats, get notifications, do advanced search etc.


Personal Media Platform

LyfoLyf is a Personal Media Platform to write and share your story of 24 life aspects and share it with Inner Circle Friends. Simply Login and invite your friends, upload images, post your experiences, check your happiness index, get influenced with leader’s stories. With its impress UI/UX design, image gallery, chats/notifications, vDoIT Team has created an example of eye catching, user friendly application.

Track ur Assets


TrackURassets Plug enables phone attached to asset (Bus, Truck, Individual) to get tracked through a secured network by authorized Play app holders.


TrackURassets Play enables phone of caretakers like Parents, Fleet receiving end, your friend to track you in real time.


TrackAssetsCommand makes administrator powerful enough to have holistic picture of Asset movement in real time. It’s not just keeping track, rather communication can be sent to the assets.